Thursday, November 20, 2008

A "Grey" Day for the L Word


Janina Gavankar The L word's Papi, is calling it quits after only two episodes of Grey's Anatomy. OK so for those of us who don't watch much television, or haven't fed into the Thursday drama that is Grey's. In any case the woman we have come to know as Papi, did a stint on the show but is calling it quits. Gavankar has been quoted as saying something similar to "I thought this role would be good for my career, but it's not looking that way. I've decided it was time to go." Janina has decide to pursue another T.v Show in hopes of a better role. It's also rumored that Shane's one time competition may be returning to end out the upcoming final season of The L Word. I can't imagine what she has to offer if this is true, but maybe Papi will find love and live happily lezzy after. Stay tuned as we would all like to find out.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Couples Counseling- Session 1: Shenny

Another fun area I'm going to explore here on The L Word fan blog is Couples Counseling. So myself and all you readers will give our relationship advice to those hot L couples through the beautiful power of blogging. So grab your "smart-girl" glasses, your pen and notepad. And aid "Dr. Feel. . .Good" in providing healthy relationships for our favorite fictional characters.

The Patients
The beautiful and tormented writer Jenny Schecter and smoldering womanizer Shane McCutcheon began their journey together as roommates. This soon blossomed into an unlikely friendship that proved both comical and heartbreaking. From normal disputes to love triangles their friendship has remained strong and one of the best relationships on the show.

The Issues
For the second time one of these blue-eyed brunettes hurts her friend by fooling around with a partner/lover. It has happened before with Carmen and now with Nikki. There's a twist though, Jenny confessed her being in love with someone shortly before witnessing her bestie and her beau getting it on. Of course she was devastated, but what hurt her more? Now as a doctor ( and i use that term loosely), I am not one for the transition between good friend and girl friend. But there is a huge possibility that the speech could have been targeted at every one's favorite player, Shane. With the surrounding drama, latest love triangle and the series ending, what will come of Shane and Jenny?

The Solution
I'm going to try and go as slow as possible, being that there are so many issues here. First up, Jenny and Nikki: Jenny, my love let her go. Shane would have made her second infidelity during your short relationship. Not to mention she hasn't been to loyal to you either. Not supporting you after you were booted from your own movie set is the ultimate KOD (kiss of death). She's cute but she's a child not ready for that typical Jenny Schecter intensity that you've become known for. Find yourself an adult and live happily ever after! Next up, Jenny and Shane: No! Just no Shenny! You too make awesome pals, but to attempt to venture further romantically will leave scars and end a friendship to beautiful. Shane is also still a child doing adult things. And let's face it J you don't have the skills equipped to deal with such a case. So work on your friendship, talk out the hurt, the pain, the betrayals and grow stronger because of it. Last but not least, Shane: We love you, but your player ways are so 2003! Find Carmen! She was your soul mate! What you did to her is inexcusable and unjustifiable. Only thing left to do is grovel shamelessly and beg her forgiveness. You two are meant to be and we witnesses of the love are hoping for a happy ending! So work it out!

The Outcome
A picture is Worth a thousand words! Need I say more?

Tell me what you think! Leave a comment and offer your own solutions and feedback on the romance that could be Shenny!There are no wrong or right answers. Have fun with it!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Scenes from Season 6

So we've been looking and browsing, chatting and speculating and finally a little bit of payoff. I know Ourchart is doing nothing to quench our L thirst right now. And ladies let's go easy on Ilene Chaiken, the poor woman is putting her baby to rest. Buuuuut have I got a photo for you! OK so it's not video, or an actual promo but from the looks of this photo there may be hope for the furnace that hosts the heat between Talice. I get the goose flesh just thinking about those two working out. For your viewing pleasure I offer up hope . Enjoy!
Talice Season 6
What a Tasty couple these two make eh? Rose in her uniform, Liesha in her fire engine red pumps. . .Yowzers!

Rose in character
Rose in character
Now I must point out a very important factor in this lovely photo: Body Language! The body language here is way off! My predictions are that this is a possible moment for the breakup that seems to be in the cards for these two. Neither of the two sport a smile, odd for Alice, typical for Tasha. But Tasha's folded arms and Alice's hands on her waist show that this is a very tense moment. She's either coming clean or possibly even confronting Tasha about something. Tasha being the tough gal she is has braced herself and possibly even glanced away to avoid showing immediate emotion to whatever Alice is saying. I must also tell you all reading this. . .there are more photos* where this scene came from!
Tell me, What could possibly be going on in this photo?
*credits due to
Links to the rest of the photos as well as more from that photographer may be found there as well

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Truth About Shane

Let's take a little trip down memory lane when in L times during the lifespan of Sharmen, where Shane would have done anything to make the sexy Carmen happy. Sigh, like looking horribly hilarious in this dress! In case you missed it (which i doubt) this indeed happened. Kind of makes us second guess about forcing women who refuse to go frilly, to dress this way. There's a reason why she dresses like a rock star. She's just probably really that much of a bad ass.

The L Word Shane Pictures, Images and Photos Shane in a dress
sweet memories!

And What's going on with this lady's character now. . .

Well when we last saw every one's favorite womanizer, she was making out with Jenny's current beau Nikki. This Came after Jenny's endearing speech of " I've found someone who I'm completely in love with." Uh-oh, LA we have a problem! Now was she referring to queer bait Nikki or roommate and best friend Shane? Either way rumors or stirring, which brings on my season 6 predictions:

*Romance and fusion of Shane + Jenny = Shenny = NO WAY!!!
*A possible end of a friendship for "Shenny"
*Jenny attempting revenge by going after Carmen (whose suppose to be returning!!!)
*Jenny + Shane + Carmen = The triangle part deux and a waste of a final storyline!

I guess we have to wait for to update us, although everyone is being pretty hush hush about the final happenings. And with that I'll ask for L word fans across the globe to continue to exercise the democratic process by voting Yes for Sharmen and No for Shenny. Shane deserves to be happy, yes? Express your thoughts. . .

The L Herd

The L Word Pictures, Images and Photos

Welcome Fans and Friends to the L Herd, your blog spot fro L Word news and dish. I've watched the season's pass, and all the past seasons. I've purchased and netflixed anything I've missed, but the time has come. . .I'm fresh out of L options. So I've decided to blog about the things and events that have happened and are soon to happen on our beloved sapphic series. My Sources will be plentiful and I'll try my best to give credit where it is due. Don't sue me, I am merely a fan.

I'll provide videos, other blog posts, articles and of course those great photos we crave. Be sure to check out other links to the right of this post (and blog) and leave comments feedback and things of an L Word nature. More news and tidbits of a lesbian nature can be found at my blog and on my podcast. So tune in and Happy Reading! I'll try to keep this updated and fun for fans feel free to add feedback and ideas. All are welcome!

Stay tuned and Welcome to The L Herd!

(BTW what's the deal with Rose being left out of that pic?)