Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Truth About Shane

Let's take a little trip down memory lane when in L times during the lifespan of Sharmen, where Shane would have done anything to make the sexy Carmen happy. Sigh, like looking horribly hilarious in this dress! In case you missed it (which i doubt) this indeed happened. Kind of makes us second guess about forcing women who refuse to go frilly, to dress this way. There's a reason why she dresses like a rock star. She's just probably really that much of a bad ass.

The L Word Shane Pictures, Images and Photos Shane in a dress
sweet memories!

And What's going on with this lady's character now. . .

Well when we last saw every one's favorite womanizer, she was making out with Jenny's current beau Nikki. This Came after Jenny's endearing speech of " I've found someone who I'm completely in love with." Uh-oh, LA we have a problem! Now was she referring to queer bait Nikki or roommate and best friend Shane? Either way rumors or stirring, which brings on my season 6 predictions:

*Romance and fusion of Shane + Jenny = Shenny = NO WAY!!!
*A possible end of a friendship for "Shenny"
*Jenny attempting revenge by going after Carmen (whose suppose to be returning!!!)
*Jenny + Shane + Carmen = The triangle part deux and a waste of a final storyline!

I guess we have to wait for to update us, although everyone is being pretty hush hush about the final happenings. And with that I'll ask for L word fans across the globe to continue to exercise the democratic process by voting Yes for Sharmen and No for Shenny. Shane deserves to be happy, yes? Express your thoughts. . .


Talia Rose said...

HHAHAHA. i miss carmen so much. only carmen could get shane in a dress.


and speaking of memory lane, i miss dana. am i the only one?


YES! I miss Dana she was so spunky and relatable! I must say it was in poor taste for them to axe her character so quickly after the diagnosis