Sunday, November 9, 2008

The L Herd

The L Word Pictures, Images and Photos

Welcome Fans and Friends to the L Herd, your blog spot fro L Word news and dish. I've watched the season's pass, and all the past seasons. I've purchased and netflixed anything I've missed, but the time has come. . .I'm fresh out of L options. So I've decided to blog about the things and events that have happened and are soon to happen on our beloved sapphic series. My Sources will be plentiful and I'll try my best to give credit where it is due. Don't sue me, I am merely a fan.

I'll provide videos, other blog posts, articles and of course those great photos we crave. Be sure to check out other links to the right of this post (and blog) and leave comments feedback and things of an L Word nature. More news and tidbits of a lesbian nature can be found at my blog and on my podcast. So tune in and Happy Reading! I'll try to keep this updated and fun for fans feel free to add feedback and ideas. All are welcome!

Stay tuned and Welcome to The L Herd!

(BTW what's the deal with Rose being left out of that pic?)

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