Monday, November 10, 2008

Scenes from Season 6

So we've been looking and browsing, chatting and speculating and finally a little bit of payoff. I know Ourchart is doing nothing to quench our L thirst right now. And ladies let's go easy on Ilene Chaiken, the poor woman is putting her baby to rest. Buuuuut have I got a photo for you! OK so it's not video, or an actual promo but from the looks of this photo there may be hope for the furnace that hosts the heat between Talice. I get the goose flesh just thinking about those two working out. For your viewing pleasure I offer up hope . Enjoy!
Talice Season 6
What a Tasty couple these two make eh? Rose in her uniform, Liesha in her fire engine red pumps. . .Yowzers!

Rose in character
Rose in character
Now I must point out a very important factor in this lovely photo: Body Language! The body language here is way off! My predictions are that this is a possible moment for the breakup that seems to be in the cards for these two. Neither of the two sport a smile, odd for Alice, typical for Tasha. But Tasha's folded arms and Alice's hands on her waist show that this is a very tense moment. She's either coming clean or possibly even confronting Tasha about something. Tasha being the tough gal she is has braced herself and possibly even glanced away to avoid showing immediate emotion to whatever Alice is saying. I must also tell you all reading this. . .there are more photos* where this scene came from!
Tell me, What could possibly be going on in this photo?
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Links to the rest of the photos as well as more from that photographer may be found there as well

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