Thursday, November 20, 2008

A "Grey" Day for the L Word


Janina Gavankar The L word's Papi, is calling it quits after only two episodes of Grey's Anatomy. OK so for those of us who don't watch much television, or haven't fed into the Thursday drama that is Grey's. In any case the woman we have come to know as Papi, did a stint on the show but is calling it quits. Gavankar has been quoted as saying something similar to "I thought this role would be good for my career, but it's not looking that way. I've decided it was time to go." Janina has decide to pursue another T.v Show in hopes of a better role. It's also rumored that Shane's one time competition may be returning to end out the upcoming final season of The L Word. I can't imagine what she has to offer if this is true, but maybe Papi will find love and live happily lezzy after. Stay tuned as we would all like to find out.

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