Thursday, December 25, 2008

The L Word Premiere Party

In a couple weeks we will witness our favorite lesbian drama began to take it's bow out. There's so many ways we can do this and almost none of them are wrong. You can:

-Watch it at home with your girlfriend
-Have a dinner party and watch it with your good friends
-You could go out and party and just Tivo it
-You can find out what happened on blogs, podcasts or around the water cooler at work
-Or you can join as many NY lesbians as possible at Pacha's premiere party!

I'll be there taking notes, people watching, mixing, mingling, networking and of course watching the season premiere of the sixth and final season of The L Word! So RSVP, bring a couple friends, and let's Lez Out!

More information could be found on the HRC website and in the latest issue of GO! magazine. The ladies are steaming up the cover, and there's an interview with Ilene Chaiken. So pick that up and enjoy! Hope to see you at the party. I'll post the information as i get it.

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