Monday, March 2, 2009

The Last Couple Standing!

Im a being my usual "Spazie" self in rooting for Talice? I mean was the proof not in the pudding? Tasha and Alice are the strongest couple to survive our lesbian train wreck formally known as The L Word. Ok so The L has kept us glued to the telly for six years straight because it chock full of more drama than a soap opera . . .but geez do we deserve this? Its been so bad that I've felt this tug of remorse for even starting this blog to honor it. That aside, there are some interesting concepts. Im going to bring you all up to speed on characters without any spoilers, lets see if it can be done:
Creepy Schecter
Self - destructive Shane
Ambitious Tina
Tested Bette
Tempted Tasha
Everlasting Alice
Screwed up Schecter
Skeptical Helena
Determined Dylan
Naughty Nikki
Maternal Max
Tri-Curious Kit
And Deatbeat Tom
With guest appearances by
Skanky Kelly
& Cold hearted Jodi
. . .Look out for the Lawful Lucy Lawless next week.
That's the final season ladies.
There were some moments that I loved, and ill be sure to go n2 full detail after the finale. Just wanted to stop and and alert the public that I've been watching and I have a lot to say! Lets keep our fingers crossed for Carmen and if there is no love connection there, we deserve the eye candy! Lezzys in the tristate area, plz don't forget that the finale party will be held here in NYC at Mansion! Email or Comment me for details or you can just stop by the HRC website. This party is looking to be as hot as the premiere, don't miss it! More to come, sooner than l8r. Peace,, Love and happy watching! -Spaz

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