Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shane: Let's Play Doctor!

Lesbians worldwide are pretty familiar with Shane, the slim sexpot that was the hearthrob of Showtime's "The L Word". Now that "The L Word" is deader than Jenny Schecter, I'm sure hopes were low for seeing any of our favorite play lesbians on the small screen again.

To the amazement of Sapphic Sisters everywhere, we can keep hope alive. With the film version of web sensation "Girltrash" in developement, we can look forward to seeing the talented, and beautiful Rose Rollins again. *swoons*
The real shocker comes in the form of a wig-clad Kate Moennig as she returns to our homes in the new television venture "Three Rivers". Hold your breathe ladies, Shane is playing doctor! Though Im
boycotting television Right now, the reviews of the show aren't too bad.

I was worried about Moennig. She was one of the most talented ladies of " The L Word" yet the doubt still loomed about her ability to get another gig.
There is definitely more to Moennig than Shane, however in a role prior to that ( Young Americans) she played the same kind of gender-bending character. I believe the actress and her fans worried about her suffering from being type-cast.

The Good news is that the wig expands her horizons image wise, and I'm sure a sethescope is sure to do the same. So ladies if you love Kate Moennig like you say you do, im sure those DVR's and tivo's are working overtime to support her in her endeavors.

Watch " Three Rivers" and tell me what you think. A full interview on Kate may Be found at the LA times site, as well as

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