Sunday, March 29, 2009

Who Killed Jenny?

For all you that haven't been able to let go of this lesbian version of clue, fret not. There may just be some more options or clues for you. Showtime is doing this thing, where they release a different interrogation tape every week. Sgt. Duffy (played by Lucy Lawless) interviews each character individually in order to get to the bottom of this alleged homOcide. For those of you who are experiencing withdrawal check them out. Though i can already assure you that they are as bad as the season they follow, and will probably leave more questions than answers.

It's fine by me, I already know who killed Jenny . . .

It was me!

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Sei'Lani Britagne said...

also hoping that the spinoff with alice gets picked up by showtime. It's about her gettting sent to jail for being wrongly accused of killing that hoe jenny .